After Days Of Silence, Ivanka Trump Makes A Tragic Announcement

The left makes no effort in concealing their distaste for president Trump, but sadly they feel the need to continuously lash out against his family members.

Ivanka Trump is a supporter of several charities, a loving wife, and a caring mother of three young children, which apparently makes her the perfect target for the Left.

This past week, a Washington gym owner took to Facebook to call out Ivanka after realizing the Trump daughter had taken a workout class at one of her gym locations.

Anne Mahlum, founder of Solidcore gym, made sure all of Facebook knew that she was not happy with the mother of three working out at her gym. Not only calling out Ivanka, but also accusing President Trump of “threatening the rights” of her customers and employees. She wrote:

“What you do when you find out Ivanka Trump just took [Solidcore], but used an alias to sign up for class? You reach out and ask for a meeting. While I don’t know her and I always seek to understand … I do know her father is threatening the rights of many of my beloved clients and coaches and as a business owner, I take my responsibility to protect and fight for my people very seriously.”

The post has since been taken down.

So Ivanka Trump is not welcome at a gym because the owner believes in protecting rights?

It is interesting to read this and then hear that just months earlier, Mahlum was bragging about former FLOTUS Michelle Obama taking her class. Apparently when Mahlum said “I always seek to understand,” she actually meant, “I always seek to understand, but only people who share my views.”

Mahlum has since apologized for the incident, claiming that she merely wanted to “suggest that we set up private classes for her in the future.” That’s quite a bit of backtracking from her original “time to be a justice warrior” post.

“I take full responsibility for that failure. It’s important to know that at no point did I say that Ivanka would not be able to attend [Solidcore] classes and service was not denied to her. Our clients represent a spectrum of different races, religions, sexual orientations and political beliefs, all of whom are welcome here proudly.”

Ivanka has had to face multiple attacks in the past few weeks, with Solidcore’s actions following Nordstrom’s announcement to drop her fashion line. However, Ivanka has kept her head high, “I learned a long time ago that I can’t control the opinions of others or what they project on me… All I can do is live my life, and I’ve tried to do that.”

So much for the tolerant left!