Doctors Wouldn’t Let Grandma’s Dog In The Hospital, What Happens Next Moved Me To Tears

When doctors told this elderly woman she couldn’t bring her dog to the hospital, her granddaughter responded in the most unbelievable way. People around the world are sharing this story, and it’s easy to see why!

Those of us who own pets know that cuddling with a friendly dog or holding a cat while it purrs can be remarkably healing. That’s why service animals are brought into hospitals to visit sick patients! An increasing body of scientific research has proven that our pets can make us not only healthier, but also happier.

Shelby Hennick has witnessed the healing power of animals firsthand in her work as a veterinary technician and knows how influential an animal can be in a person’s recovery. So when Shelby’s grandma was separated for three days from her beloved dog, Patsy, she came up with an insanely brilliant plan!

Shelby’s grandmother had been hospitalized after having a negative reaction to her medication. The hospital had a strict policy that the only animals allowed in were certified service animals, so Patsy was forbidden.

Even though Patsy isn’t an actual service dog, Shelby knew how much it would help her grandmother to have the dog by her side. That’s why Shelby was determined to sneak Patsy in — but she had to do it in a super clever way!

Shelby picked up the small dog from her grandmother’s house, then wrapped her in a blanket. As she entered the hospital with the bundle in her arms, it looked like she was carrying an infant — Shelby was able to sneak Patsy all the way to her grandmother’s room!

Although it may have been against the rules, the risk was worth it to Shelby. When she saw her grandmother’s reaction to being reunited with her beloved dog, Shelby knew she was witnessing the healing power of animals again. She posted about it on Twitter, and the story has since gone viral.

Do you think Shelby made the right decision sneaking Patsy in to see her grandmother? Regardless, let’s all say a prayer for Shelby’s grandmother!

Featured Image Credit: Hollywata/Flickr