Donald Trump Has An Offer Obama Can’t Refuse, There’s Just One Catch

If you haven’t heard just yet, Obama has been turned away from almost every golf course he has tried to get in. Donald Trump has long criticized the president for vacations and just about anything he can get his hands on. Well yesterday, on the 10th of September, Trump decided to throw out an offer that Obama might be a little enticed with.

It’s going to be difficult to pass this up. Donald Trump got on twitter on wednesday promising him a lifetime of something he holds very dear to his heart… Golf.

There was one condition…

This tweet was right after Trump’s golf club and a couple others rejected Obama. Membership fees for such clubs go above $100,000 and some courses did not want to displace members on a busy weekend. Which makes complete sense.

This only speaks volumes of the entitlement spirit that Obama holds and carries out. He wants to go multiple Golf Clubs for free, and expects them to openly take him in, while multiple millionaires paid hundreds of thousands for the same treatment.