Donald Trump Releases This Bold 5 Point Plan On How He’ll Make America Great Again

Donald Trump for weeks has said that he wants to stick to the issues impacting the lives of Americans, and this week he has released a five-point plan to get the American government working for the people once again.

The issue of campaign finance reform has been a hot button topic for both parties, before the candidates began slinging mud rather than discussing policy, and Trump’s latest plan hopes to address, and “end our government corruption.”

“It’s Time To Drain The Swamp In Washington, D.C.,” reads the press release on Trump’s campaign website. “That’s Why I’m Proposing A Package Of Ethics Reforms To Make Our Government Honest Once Again”


Now, the American public has spent the better part of the last month discussing the “ethics” of the two candidates, and both major party candidates have a considerable amount of flaws, but the five-point plan put forth by Trump would be a huge jump-start at getting the so-called “corrupt politicians” out of our democracy.

The main target of Trump’s five-point plan: Lobbyists. Not just employees of lobbying firms, but more specifically “former members of Congress and their staffs.” The GOP nominee is calling for a “5-year ban on lobbying” by members of the legislative branch, but his proposal doesn’t stop there.


“I am going to re-institute a 5-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for 5 years after they leave government service. I am going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive order.”

Donald Trump, like many Americans, knows how influential lobbyists are in our current government, and his proposal aims at ridding these huge firms of the power they currently wield over our elected officials. More so, he knows that the revolving door of elected official-turned lobbyist has to stop if we want to get corporate greed out of politics (or at least limit it).


Trump isn’t only concerned about lobbyists influencing our politicians. He’s also concerned about foreign governments influencing the way America operates, and he addresses that in his plan as well:

“I am going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

I am going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections.”


Depending on who you are, this could be either a wonderful thing, or terrible. If you are one of the hundreds of millions of average Americans, then you don’t want money running our government. That’s easy to understand. However, if you are a member of the establishment, and in on the take, then you will do everything you can to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.


Think about it, why else would so many members of the GOP turn on their own party’s nominee? They see that Trump will stop the dollars from flowing into their bank accounts. Now there’s a bipartisan effort going on to make sure the billionaire doesn’t make this plan happen. Congress can’t agree on how to fight Zika, but they can all put aside their differences to make sure the money keeps flowing. Go figure.


Trump’s proposals aim at ridding our government from the corrupt corporations and lobbyists that pull the strings of our elected officials, and coming just hours before the final presidential debate, this will surely be a talking point during the evening.


Americans deserve to have representatives that serve their constituents, but sadly many inside the establishment don’t see it the same way. Donald Trump believes that America’s government should get its power from the people, and not the big money interests who are currently pulling the strings.