He Dropped His Daughters Off At AutoZone, I Couldn’t Believe What He Caught On Camera

We’ve all been embarrassed by our parents from time-to-time, but sometimes it’s just flat out mean. Well, these poor girls were the laughing stock at an auto parts store — and it’s sure to make your day!

April Fools is a day to mess around, poke some fun, and make people laugh. And you can count on the fact that every child is a prime target for their parent’s schemes.

This year, one dad in particular wasn’t afraid to prank his innocent baby girls. He began by giving his two daughters a special “coupon” and asked them to run into AutoZone while he waited in the car.

The items he requested seemed rather bizarre, but the obedient daughters didn’t question him.

Not long after entering the store they came back to the car in quite a tizzy. They may or may not have been upset with their father…

I promise, you don’t want to miss this: 

Oh, dads and their jokes. That was a good one, that’s for sure! Please share if this made your day!