Duck Dynasty’s Kay Robertson Has A Confession To Make, I Didn’t Expect This

Duck Dynasty is probably one of the best shows to watch on Tv right now if you’re looking for a quality family-friendly show.

The main star of the show, Phil Robertson gets a lot of attention, but not everyone knows as much about his wife Kay Robertson. Also known as Miss Kay.

From the outside the Robertson family seems like they have got it all together. But their dark past is not well known to a lot of folks.

Miss Kay battled with a lot of demons and at one point even contemplated suicide.

“I wish I could just take pills and go to sleep, and never wake up.” – Miss Kay

Her husband Phil also began to use drugs and abuse alcohol. Eventually this lead to the family being torn apart.

Her story of overcoming hardship and family struggles is one we all need to stop and listen to.

Through the struggle Phil eventually came to Christ and now the family is doing better than they could have ever imagined.

When you keep your eyes focused on Jesus and have faith in him, there is nothing you cannot overcome.