Dying Woman Exposes $30 Million Secret As She Whispers: “Look Under The Sewing Machine”

As she lay on her deathbed, Jenny Verastro asked her family to do something rather unusual. Little did they know that their aunt’s final request would be worth far more than winning the lottery.

There’s nothing quite like knowing that you’re living in your last days. As your final breath draws closer by the minute, the thought of passing on to the next life has a sobering way of helping you prioritize what’s truly important.

Jenny Verastro had waited her entire life to reveal a big secret — and her shocking revelation did not disappoint.

While laying on her deathbed she made her nephew, Carl Sabatino, promise that he would look under her sewing machine.

Sabatino reportedly told Inside Edition: “She told me, ‘Don’t forget, Carl, to look under the sewing machine,’” he recalled.

Sabatino honored his humble aunt’s dying wish and immediately made his way over to the old sewing machine table. But nothing could prepare him for the shocking secret housed inside the old desk.

As Sabatino lifted the sewing table, something miraculous happened. Wrapped in newspaper dating back to the 1950s, he discovered a masterpiece — quite literally.

Sabatino told Inside Edition: “As I moved towards the sewing machine, it came sliding right out into my lap. I was stunned. I found it wrapped in newspaper.”

The woman must have kept it hidden away for decades, as Sabatino remembers seeing the exquisite work of art in his aunt’s home as a child: “My brother and I called it the lady with the fuzzy hat,” he recalled.

It is now being confirmed that the rare painting is a masterpiece by the master himself — the one and only Pablo Picasso.

Sabatino admits that he was skeptical of the painting’s authenticity until he noticed a distinct signature in the upper left corner.

It is believed that this painting is Picasso’s own recreation of his 1901 work “Woman With A Cape,” which is displayed in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Sabatino took the painting to art appraiser Richard Beaulieu, who examined the painting and the paperwork behind the research of the work of art.

Beaulieu told Inside Edition: “The time period it came out of and all of the paper work that came with it, the provenance on it, the signature on it, the forensics report — I really am convinced it is the real deal.”

Sabatino said his uncle purchased the artwork in 1944 while serving as a soldier during World War II. Family members recall that the young soldier had bartered with a street vendor in London and picked up the old painting for an astonishing $30. It’s suspected that the painting had come from a nearby gallery that had been bombed or looted.

It’s simply stunning to think why anyone would wait an entire lifetime to reveal such a big — and valuable– secret. But perhaps even more shocking than where the painting was found is what was found on the painting. As art experts studied the painting, they discovered a thumb print. Because many believe it is Picasso’s actual print, the painting may sell anywhere between $25 to $30 million.

Watch the full report of this shocking discovery in the video below: 

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Featured Image Credit: Massimilianogalardi/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Image Credits: Screenshots via Inside Edition/YouTube