Ex-Muslim Woman Exposes The Terrifying Reality Of Islam

In light of the multitude of lies surrounding Islam, one ex-Muslim woman has had enough — and her brutal reality check will leave you in shock. Every American needs to watch this!

Farrah Prudence was raised as a Muslim, but has now decided to speak out about the truth of her former religion.

The bone-chilling truth of this evil religion will shock you to the core. Prudence shared in her Youtube video:

“I am fed up with hypocrites worried about PC and irrelevant matters when we have real problems. We can’t have a candy-coated version of Islam being taught in our schools…ISLAM is NOT A RACE!”

This woman’s passionate stand for truth left me cheering.

Every American needs to see this: 

Please share this video until every American sees this. It’s time that we wake up and pay attention to the dangerous and violent ways of Islam. If we don’t, who will?