This Firefighter Stepped On Stage, When He Opened His Mouth The Room Was Silenced

God gives incredible gifts to us all, and even though it may seem unlikely, sometimes the most talented gem is hidden in plain clothes.

Well, in this case the “plain clothes” are a firefighter uniform, but that makes this story all the more remarkable.

Andy Quinn, an English firefighter, thought he was conducting a routine safety course, but he would soon realize it was all an elaborate hoax.


Michael McIntyre is the host of the British TV show “Michael McIntyre’s Big Show,” and during this episode Andy was to be featured as that evening’s unexpected star. In order to lure Andy into the studio, the show’s crew created a fake office in the front of the building, where Andy was asked to give a safety course.


Once Andy started going through his course to a room full of actors, the walls came crashing down, and revealed what was really going on. Andy could not have been more surprised.


As the audience cheered, McIntyre asked if Andy would agree to perform as the unexpected star. After a slight hesitation, Andy accepted the invitation, but nobody could’ve predicted what would happen next.


After a change of clothes, Andy walked on-stage as the music played. Once he puts the microphone to his mouth, the entire crowd is caught off-guard by his beautiful voice.



The entire audience was seemingly in tears as the firefighter sang Les Miserables’ “Bring Him Home,” and once you see for yourself, you will understand why. Enjoy!

Fire Fighter Blessed With Amazing Voice

We all have incredible gifts that make us unique. While he may not make his living onstage, God sure did bless this man with an unbelievably lovely voice! God bless you today!