At First He Thought His Foot Was Glowing — Seconds Later I Was In SHOCK. This Can’t Be Real!

The Northern Lights are highly iconic and draw an audience from hundreds of thousands of miles away. But there is new excitement about a mysterious glowing in the sea.

Off the coast of Tasmania, an island off of Australia, is where stunning blue and green iridescent lights swirl in the water.

The mysterious dancing lights are called the “Underwater Northern Lights”.

Scientists say, “This rare phenomenon is caused when a bioluminescent alga called noctiluca scintillan becomes stressed and they use bioluminescence for protection.”

It occurs in shallow waters and it awfully fun to play with.

The captivating neon lights are a sight to see. Next time you are in Australia keep an eye out for them!

God’s creations never cease to amaze us. Thank God for out-of-this-world, dancing neon waters!