Fox News Just Announced Something HUGE About Trump That Hasn’t Been Done By Any President Since 1909

All the talk on your digital screens is exactly that, talk. The entire system is focused on getting you to believe that President Trump is the absolute worst President ever and he’s barely been President for a month.

A wise man once said, “If something doesn’t make sense, follow the money.” Meaning that the opportunity to make money will often coerce people into doing strange things. Money doesn’t lie. If the powers that be on Wall Street that Trump was horrible the market would reflect it.

However, in this area, Trump has pulled off another massive victory. In his first thirty days in office, Trump has presided over the biggest Dow gain than any other President since 1909!

Fox’s Gasparin responds to how the markets seem to love a Trump Presidency,

“If we don’t get the tax cuts as big as were promised, there’s going to be a massive market correction,”

Trump announced a plan that would include sweeping tax cuts for corporations and the middle class. If he fails to deliver on this, then we’ll begin to see the real backlash against him.