Gardener Finds Strange Eggs In His Yard, Then One Begins To Hatch Right In His Hand

When this Hawaiian man woke up on that fateful day, he expected it to be like any other. However, that quickly changed when the man walked outside of his Oahu, Hawaii home.

As he began to do the usual morning yard work, maintaining his beautiful garden, the man noticed something near his flowers. Inside of a hollowed-out log were a number of small, white eggs attached to the log’s walls.

Being an avid gardener, the man was no stranger to finding eggs in his yard. Reasonably, the man suspected the eggs to contain some type of yard-killing insect that needed to be inspected and eradicated immediately! But when he went to grab a few of these tiny eggs, something amazing happened.

He was examining the eggs, which were about the size of a peanut, and realized that these were not insect eggs at all. It appeared that most of the eggs the man was evaluating were empty, except for one. The egg began to shake at that very moment in this man’s hand. Pieces of shell started to crack off and split apart, and finally it happened.

To this ordinary gardener’s great surprise, out of this egg popped the head of a tiny, newborn lizard. The gecko was smaller than the man’s fingertip when it finally forced the rest of it’s body out of the shell.

Out of fear that he would hurt this fragile creature, the gardener placed his new friend back inside of the safety of the hollowed log. Thankfully not before snapping a few pictures though!

This lucky man had a once in a lifetime experience and it is incredible to hear about. No matter how small it was, right in the center of this Oahu gardener’s hand, life was experienced for the first time. He had a living thing take it’s first breath while resting in his palm. What an amazing sight!

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