Garth Brooks Dedicates Song To Grieving Parents; If You’ve Ever Lost A Child, This Song Is For You

He thought it was going to be just another show in another arena, but for one woman, Garth Brooks’ concert on April 3 was something unforgettable.

Sophie Goudreau was accompanied by her husband Gary to Garth’s show as a treat for her birthday. After all, birthdays only come once a year.

But what she wasn’t expecting was a birthday present that would top all others. Suddenly, the music stops during the encore and Garth comes toward her. Sophie is holding a large yellow sign that says, “Can you sing ‘MOM’ for my birthday?”.

However, the song that comes out of Garth’s mouth at first isn’t his 2014 hit “Mom”, but instead a little old classic we all know and love entitled “Happy Birthday.”


But then the lights go down just a bit and a spotlight is on Sophie.


Garth asks if Sophie is a mom and as it turns out, she is —it’s just that her little guy isn’t here on earth anymore.

The song “Mom” holds an extra special meaning for Sophie because she lost her three-and-a-half-year-old son Antoine in 2011. Garth was clearly touched by her story.

“Where babies come from is where babies go to, so why don’t we sing this?” said Garth as he began strumming on his guitar.

So with her husband holding her close and as Garth began singing “Mom”, Sophie got her birthday wish.


The boy’s mother had this to say after Garth’s sweet serenade:

“The most memorable birthday I could ever ask for! Thank you Garth Brooks, Gary for taking me to the show for my birthday, to the fan who took this video (I could’t even remember half of what happened. I was so stunned!) and to Antoine for showing up on my birthday in a spectacular way! I had requested to Antoine and God in a prayer before the show that Garth sings this song for me especially. I never imagined it would turn out to be such a divinely well orchestrated moment! Garth Brooks is nothing short of a class act. That is what I love the most about him, the quality of his heartfelt lyrics, his genuine love for his fans and of course, his God-given talent.

Antoine left us on September 23rd, 2011. He was only 3 and 1/2. Fly away precious little Antoine, until we meet again Angel!”<3

Much Love, Sophie xoxo


Another commenter had this sweet sentiment to say back to Sophie,

“I cried the whole time. My daughter is almost 3. I climbed in bed with her after and just snuggled her and thanked my lucky stars that I have her with me. You are so strong I could never go through what you have. You deserved this beautiful moment. Your baby is your guardian angel now and is looking out for you and your husband. Fly high little Antoine, may your beautiful soul be rested and at peace and we’ll look after until your parents join you in paradise.”

Watch the beautiful moment in the video below:

Thank you Garth for being a true man and treating your fans with respect, honor, and care. You’re a class act! If you agree, please share to tell the world how amazing Garth Brooks really is!