She Got Off The Escalator And A Man Was Waiting, Then He Said 4 Words That Made Me Sick

No parent wants to think about having their child taken from them, but unfortunately it’s an everyday occurrence.

While the majority of human beings are decent, there are those who are willing to ruin lives for monetary gain.

Each year hundreds, if not thousands, of children are abducted and sold into human trafficking, never to be heard from again. One way we can stop this from happening is knowing HOW this type of tragedy occurs.

Police in North Texas are cautioning parents and teenagers to be on the lookout for a man attempting to lure young girls into inappropriate acts.

According to Police in Collin County, there’s a suspicious man going into department stores in hopes that he can convince teenage girls into “modeling” for him.

Kerrie Turner, owner of Willow House Boutiques, says that the man, who appears to be Asian, came into her store, and tried talking to several of her employees. At one point, an employee says that she was asked by the man to pose nude.

“He was pitching he was doing a music video in the area — needed clothes for the video and girls,” Turner said. “He was complementing her on her body and making her feel very uncomfortable.”

Turner called Rachel Baty, another local shop owner, and asked if she knew of what was going on.

“I texted my employee and said — ‘hey, has something happened,’” Baty recalls. “She told me the exact same story.”

Baty says that the man even asked one of her employees, a high school senior, to “try on clothes.”

What makes this situation scarier is that this isn’t the first time this guy has been caught trying to take advantage of girls. When the story aired on the local news, other business owners called in and said the man had visited their stores in the past.

Celina police Cpl. Chase Guidera delivered the following statement: “The Celina Police Department’s greatest focus is identifying the suspect and preventing a possible tragic outcome. The Celina Police Department is concerned that if the subject is allowed to continue these contacts, a more vulnerable victim may not have the chance to say, ‘no.’”

Sure, it would be nice to think that this sort of thing doesn’t happen nationwide, but that would be naive. Parents, please tell your kids to be cautious of strangers. While most people are decent, there are still those looking to prey on the weak. Let’s keep our children safe!