‘Granny Pods’ Are Becoming The Cool New Way To Take Care Of Your Parents

Over the last few years, the number of Americans taking care of their parents as they grow older has risen by the millions. For some, it is easy to have mom or dad live in the guest room, but a lot of folks lack the space (or sometimes the sanity) to house their parents.

Often times a nursing home is the next option, but for a lot of families this may be too costly (not to mention the guilt you feel).

This is the problem that Reverend Ken Dupin is attempting to solve with his invention of the Granny Pod.

Granny Pod’s, also known as MEDCottages, are designed to be installed right in your backyard, connecting to the main house’s plumbing and electricity. This gives you the security of your parent being safe in your backyard, while you both still have your own personal space!

MEDCottages are about the size of a master bedroom on the inside, with room for a bed, a living space, a small kitchen, and a bathroom, all the while being wheelchair-accessible. The pods were made with your seniors in mind, complete with high-tech medical and safety equipment, including hand railings, defibrillators, first aid, lighted floorboards and a soft floor to minimize damage from falls.

As if that was not enough, Granny Pods can also filter out air contaminants, send reminders of when to take supplements, and even give alerts to the caregiver if there is an emergency. You are able to know for a fact that your parent is safe. Not to mention, with mom or dad living just feet away from the backdoor, it is easy to check up and spend time with them.

Granny Pod’s, which have been called a “practical luxury,” cost between $85,000-$125,000, but when you take into account the amount that would be spent at a nursing home or with an in-home caregiver, this number seems much smaller.

With three different models to choose from, having your parents close by in their own cozy cottage looks to be the way of the future! Would you want a Granny Pod?