Groom Stops Wedding And Asks Bride To Turn Around. When She Finally Realizes Why, She Loses It

Your wedding day is a very momentous day in your life. But one bride didn’t realize what was missing from her special day until her groom did something without her permission.

Events, relationships, jobs, family, all of those things play a part in your life that help shape who you are. There are significant things in your life that mean more to you than you realize.

Liz was getting married to Ollie and the days events were set in stone. The last details had been finalized and everything was perfect. Little did Liz know that her groom approved a major detail without his blushing bride.

This gorgeous bride teaches dance and musical theater. Her students mean everything to her, but she never thought her sweet kiddos could all come to her wedding.

That just didn’t seem like a possibility, but her thoughtful husband made her dream come true. And her reaction says it all.

As the couple stands at the alter, Ollie throws his bride for a loop. He stops the ceremony and turns Liz toward that balcony at the back of the sanctuary. When she realized what he’s done, and she totally loses it.

Watch as this groom pulls off the best wedding day surprise ever!

The best day of her life just became even better than she could have ever imagined. Liz definitely found a keeper with Ollie. He managed to get all of her students to their wedding to sing her favorite song!

It’s amazing to see Ollie loving and serving his wife so well even before they say their “I do’s”. Thank goodness there are still kind, thoughtful men out there treating their brides so well.

Thank you Ollie for your sweet devotion and consideration of your wife that is an awesome example to us all! Please share if this adorable wedding ceremony surprise encouraged your heart today!