He Asked “Does God Like Feminism?”, This Pastor’s Response Silenced The Room

Christian apologist and philosopher Ravi Zacharias answered a very tough question in front of the University of Kentucky last month, “Does God favor men over women?”

He’s no stranger to tough philosophical questions about Christianity and the belief thereof, but his answer to this question goes straight to the heart.

Basically, he says no, but it’s not a simple answer he gives. He provides actual proof of the value of both women and men. He describes them as “complimentary” so where one is weaker the other is stronger. He uses the example that God often finds the weakest (physically) to show his strength through. Then he explains that God value’s women specifically so much that he depended on the testimony of women to start the spread of the Gospel.

In today’s society, feminism and “gender wars” seem to dominate our Facebook feeds. We’re glad to have a final word on what the Bible says about men and women.

Ravi Zacharias is an incredible thinker and communicator. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop watching him on YouTube if you just search his name.

What do you think of his response to the question?