He Began To Draw A Bunch Of Circles, When He’s Done? I Have Never Seen Art Like This!

In today’s digital age, many old traditions and skills are becoming rarer and in risk of dying out leaving many to miss the chance to truly appreciate their value.

Take for instance a Master Penman. There are only 12 in the world that hold this title of “a distinguished level of excellence in penmanship and the calligraphic arts.”

Jake Weidmann is the twelfth Master Penman. He is also the youngest. His skill is recognized as amongst the highest of any living penman today to bring their creative imagination to life through the pen.

Jason shares,

“When I was young, I had this conviction if I was going to be an artist, everything that came from my hand had to be beautiful.”


“Everybody else in school had their laptops out and they were typing away, and I had a pen and a pad of paper.”


“People often see the end result, but they don’t see the struggle that goes into it. It took years and years to become proficient and masterful enough to have that kind of power over the pen.”


Jason shares great advice while referring to the inspiration for his work:

“I believe that you should bloom where you are planted. You should study as much as you practice. Looking around there is always such beauty to study from.”

Michael Sull, Director of the Master Penman Society believes Jason is in the footsteps of some very significant people in American history. Both are seen in the following video discussing the importance of continuing the tradition; to “carry the baton from one generation to the next.”

Using the Declaration of Independence as an example, both stress how writing ingrains information into a person making it personal for them; that we are people, not machines.

“When you don’t teach your child handwriting, the thoughts that they develop when they wish to communicate through technology will vanish as soon as they touch the keyboard.”

Jason’s hope is to inspire more young people to get involved and fall in love with writing by hand.

We salute Jason’s great work and hope this rare tradition will carry on for generations to come.

For more information on the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting [IAMPETH] you can visit their website at http://www.iampeth.com

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