He Looked Like Just Another Kid Wanting To Be Famous, But When He Started To Sing Everyone Knew He Was Different Than The Rest

At 12-years-old most kids haven’t found their calling in life, there are however a few that do, like Cam Anthony. This young man displays an incredible range of talent in one particular area that will blow you away.

Cam, like most, love to sing along when their favorite song comes on the radio, but Cam isn’t like most. He discovered at such a young age that he liked to sing. Again, most people do, but Cam is different.

His sweet, young, innocent voice is all but ordinary. Cam took the internet by storm and blew people away with his charm and vocal range. That precious boy who has the world at his fingertips is chasing after his dream of being an artist.

Cam’s home videos spread across Youtube and he became a sensation! His videos have reached half a million views and is climbing! The young star even scored a record deal and is now the coolest kid on the block. He’s even been on Ellen to perform and sang the Star Spangled Banner at the White House!

Middle school can wait, this kid can sing! While Cam’s peers are walking the halls of their school, he is learning to balance fame and day-to-day life as a kid. His life is becoming less and less “normal” for his age, but he is loving it and taking it all in.

This video is guaranteed to make you smile

Just a few years have gone by since this video was made but Cam’s voice is hardly recognizable. 3 years in a young boys life can bring a lot of change and it sure did, but all for the better.

Cam’s voice has deepened through puberty, but his new vocals only elevate his talent. His new song at only at 15-years-old sounds like a much older and mature voice that is sure to shock you.

It’s amazing how much he changed in such a short amount of time, though Cam’s talent remains the same.

Cam is a rising star and with his unique voice and charming personality he will take him far. Please share that adorable video of Cam’s humble beginnings!