He Saw A “Flying Angel” In Night The Sky, When He Grabbed The Camera I Was Speechless

Most of us have either seen or known people who have seen strange events in the sky. Some even claim to have seen Angels flying.

Most of the time these can easily be chalked up to atmospheric gases interfering with lights, military testing, or reflections off metallic objects.

But someone posted on Facebook one that isn’t so easily explained.

Watch the video below and share what you think it might be.

Jasper Racks Bright UFO

So what is this, Missile test gone wrong? Phosphorous Missile, Norway Spiral, meteor? Florida this am. Upload onto your hard drive ASAP as it has been deleted several times and also is no longer on the original "Jasper Racks" Facebook.

Posted by Jim Marrs on Wednesday, September 2, 2015