After Heartbreaking News, Selena Gomez Got On Stage And Left Every Fan Speechless

Does the name Selena Gomez ring any bells? Her career has skyrocketed since her fame struck 2007 on The Disney Channel. But her image has changed over the years, and you’ll be shocked to find out what she did on stage recently.

Gomez is known for her catchy tunes and hit singles that have made her one of the hottest artists out there today. But there’s another side of her that make her fans love her even more.

This side of Gomez isn’t hidden from her fans, it’s part of who she is. Lately, she has made it a point to make this part of her life more evident in the midst of ugliness that happens around us everyday.

Gomez’ faith is precious to her and she isn’t afraid to show it. Her fans only love her more for being her real, vulnerable self when performing.

Recently, Gomez took the stage with the well-known worship group Hillsong Young and Free. She performed a song from her own album, Nobody that talks about her relationship with Christ.

The lyrics begin, “No oxygen, could barely breathe. My darkest sin, you’ve raised release. And it’s all because of you, all because of you. I don’t know what it is, but you’ve pulled me in. No one compares, could ever begin, To love me like you do.”

Gomez has faced difficult times over the past few years. After struggling with painful symptoms for an extended period of time, she was eventually diagnosed with lupus — a heartbreaking blow to anyone’s world.

With her personal and private life on display for all the world to see, she had finally had enough. Gomez took some time away from the spotlight to recharge and focus on what really matters in life.

During her hiatus, she regained confidence in her identity in Christ and her career. She released the song “Nobody” and when asked who it was about, she replied, “God.’Nobody’ is about Him.”

Watch her moving performance of “Nobody” with the band, Hillsong Young And Free:

It’s so inspiring that someone as influential in Hollywood as Selena is proudly professing her faith.

Thank you Selena Gomez for sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ with the world every chance you get. Please share this encouraging video and spread God’s name!