Helmet Cam Captures The Harrowing Moment A Bear Chases 2 Bikers Through The Mountains, This Is CRAZY

No one in their right mind would ever dream of going toe-to-toe with a raging brown bear. But for this man, that’s exactly what happened and it’s sure to leave you speechless.

What began as just a normal bike ride through the woods quickly turned into something far more dangerous. This is the most intense video I’ve ever seen.

Two bikers riding through the mountains of Slovakia is no big deal. But throw a brown bear in the mix and suddenly everything becomes much more interesting.

The blood-curling moment an angry bear makes a rare appearance just so happened to be captured on film.

YouTuber Dusan Vinžík was following his friend down the trail when a huge brown bear jumped in front of Vinžík and began to charge his buddy.

As the bear drew closer and closer, I wasn’t sure if the biker would be able to peddle fast enough.

And after watching it for yourself you’ll quickly realize why it’s reached well over 9 million views in just one week…

THIS IS CRAZY! Watch the wild encounter for yourself in the video below: 

Thank God no one was seriously injured. Wasn’t that crazy!?