Her Dogs Tongue Started Swelling. What Happened Next? Every Pet Owner Needs To See This

It’s never easy to lose a family pet, especially unexpectedly. Jamie Stumpf just under went a tragic situation that every dog owner should hear.

Stumps went to Facebook to share the emotional story with those around her as it was unfolding.

Her dog, Maximus, was playing with a rubber ball that had one single hole in it.

“My Humble Loyal wonderfully loving family pet Maximus is in the fight of his life. His Kong ball got sanctioned to his tongue, causing major damage as you can tell. I’m pleading for your love, support, and prayers to be sent this way. If you have one of the balls TAKE IT AWAY!!!”


The vet ended up leaving her with a difficult decision to make. Due to the injuries on the tongue, most of the tissue was dead. Doctors needed to remove it, but it would leave the K9 without his tongue which drastically reduces his actual quality of life.

She chose to let Maximus rest

People reached out to comment that they believed it was a Four Paws pimple ball, which had a similar incident last year. However, Stumpf responded by saying that it was a Kong toy marketed as “the beast.” Be mindful of any toy that can trap your pets tongue, and if it looks unusual, take action and seek out medical help for the pet.

Watch the news report on the incident below.