Here’s How A “Basket Of Deplorables” Got Donald Trump Elected President

The people have spoken, and the people want America to be great again.

For over a year, the mainstream media did everything in their power to bring down the Trump train. And time and time again, president-elect Donald Trump rose to the occasion.

Going into the election, Trump wasn’t even given a chance, and now, come next year, he will be sitting in the Oval Office.


So How Did It Happen?
Turnout for Donald Trump was much higher than any of the so-called “experts” could have ever predicted, as rural America came out in droves to ensure Trump would win in many of the key battleground states like Florida and Pennsylvania. Polls had shown, for months, that Hillary was as high as 12 points ahead of Donald Trump, but as we saw last night, those polls don’t mean a whole lot.

Another factor that the democrats were counting on was the millennial vote, which (surprise) didn’t turn out for Clinton as many thought they would. While the younger crowd seemed to prefer Clinton to Trump, they weren’t inspired enough by the democratic nominee to get out and cast their ballots for her. While the millennials represented a huge voting bloc this election cycle, they may not have been the ultimate deciding factor.


Trump was able to touch a nerve that Mitt Romney and John McCain were never able to and it cost them when members of their base stayed home in 2008 and 2012. None of the pollsters foresaw the sheer number of people who would turn out to flip D.C. on its head. Clearly, millions of Americans are sick and tired of politics as usual and won’t put up with the lip service of career politicians any longer. Oh, and calling a quarter of the populace “deplorable” didn’t help Hillary, either.

To make a long story short, the media severely underestimated the number of supporters that Donald Trump had, especially in rural America. Years of being ignored by the Washington elite have finally come back to haunt the political establishment that Trump has said he will destroy and subsequently rebuild.


Rural America For The Win
Polls may have shown Hillary Winning all over the country, but what these polls often times miss is the amount of people in rural counties that will turn out and vote. With the assumption that voter turnout would be high in major cities (which tend to be more liberal) there was hope in the Trump camp that a big turnout in smaller counties would greatly offset the lead Clinton would build in the larger districts. Fortunately for president-elect Trump, that is exactly what happened.

Several polls showed Hillary winning in key states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida, but these polls greatly overlooked the turnout in rural parts of those states, especially in America’s coal country. Ultimately, Clinton hoped that those numbers were going to be enough to give her a victory, but her campaign chose to spend money elsewhere down the stretch. Clearly, that plan backfired.

Pre-Election Polls By


The Message Is Clear
This election sent the message to Washington that “enough is enough,” and that the days of the career politician are numbered. Voters are tired of candidates who say one thing, but do another and after decades of politicians ripping off the average American, the chickens have come to roost.

Donald Trump’s election is the dawning of a new era of American politics. People want candidates who are passionate and willing to speak their minds. The political-correctness of the past has worn off on the American people. Now they value truth, no matter how harsh, over saying the “right thing.” We want what is real, no matter how blunt or “offensive” someone is.

Even with most media outlets screaming that Hillary was going to win (in record fashion, I might add) Donald Trump’s base rallied and pulled off one of the biggest political upsets in history. Going into election night, the GOP was wondering how it would survive after the race. Now, it is the DNC trying to come up with answers as to how this could have happened (maybe because they picked a terrible candidate)!


Next Steps
Donald Trump has a long way to go to bring this incredibly divided country together again. The rift that this election caused has left a canyon between those on the left and the right. Now Trump’s biggest task for the time being is to figure out how he will unify the American people. During his victory speech, Trump said that no matter who people voted for, he would do his best to be a president for all Americans.

However, even as Trump promises to serve all Americans, people are taking to the streets to protest the results of the election. Leading up to the election, Trump suggested that voter fraud may play a big part in the end results. Immediately he was ridiculed by those on the left, but now many of those same people are calling this year’s results into question. Isn’t it funny how things work out that way?


Expect Trump to do a few things in his first days as Commander in Chief. First, he will repeal Obamacare, as that has been one of his biggest talking points throughout the campaign. Secondly, he will need to begin plans for the wall, as that is what got him involved in the first place. Thirdly, Trump will work to fix the immigration mess he will undoubtedly be left with when the Obama administration leaves office.

Shortly after that, Trump will begin ripping up trade deals that are hurting American workers and will do everything he can to protect the blue-collar jobs that employ much of his base. Fortunately for the American people, Trump isn’t concerned with being a people pleaser to get re-elected. He’s going to do the dirty work that needs to be done in Washington in order to get America back on the right track.


A Trump Government Looks Like…
Donald Trump is not concerned with being a two-term president. His only concern is making sure the United States of America is in a better place when he leaves office (whether it be four, or even eight years from now). That means he will demand action from other members of government. Senators won’t be skipping hearings to raise campaign funds (I’m looking at you Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz) for fear of being called out by President Trump. That is something few, if any presidents have been able to do, call out other members of government for being incompetent. Sure, Obama ridiculed the republicans, but Trump is hated by both sides of the establishment, so he won’t be afraid of ripping into anyone, regardless of their political affiliation.

Expect members of government to be a lot more transparent, as we have elected a president who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, regardless of the potential fallout. While he may be crass, President Trump could bring the change to Washington that Americans have been begging for. The only question is, will America be willing to work together, or will this only further divide us as a nation?


The election is over and now that we know Donald Trump will be our president we need to come together, and do our part to make America the best country that it could possibly be. God bless America!