Here’s The One Disturbing Truth Liberals Are Too Scared To Admit About A Trump Presidency

A month ago all the talking heads were discussing the implosion of the GOP, and the steps the Republican Party would have to take to fix their “divided base.” Now the shoe is on the other foot, and those on the left are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

You can’t turn on the news, scroll through your social media feed, or listen to the radio without hearing some form of whining about the results of the election, but nobody wants to blame a flawed candidate.

Surely it couldn’t have been Hillary Clinton’s “spotless” record that prevented Americans from coming out in droves to support her. Something or someone has to be blamed!


Blame Social Media
Major publications have come out with stories regarding the part that Facebook has played in this year’s election, and while social media has definitely played a role in the past decade or so of politics, the tone of these articles has been critical, rather than constructive (I’m not going to claim to be the latter either, for the record).


Seriously, social media is being blamed for the election results, and it would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. Just read this little excerpt from the Wall Street Journal, and notice who they immediately point the finger at:


Obviously, most news outlets aren’t saying Republicans are the sole perpetrators of spreading misinformation, but the majority of them are simply feeding into this culture of victimhood, especially by pandering to those who are “struggling with the results of the election”. In their minds, Donald Trump won the election because Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms didn’t blackout coverage of Trump. Instead, those social media sites allowed his supporters to give their opinions (gasp), and even had the stones to call out their ever-so-perfect candidate Hillary Clinton.

Over the course of the next few weeks (and quite possibly longer, depending on when the political elite get their way) you are going to hear a lot on the topic of “fake news,” and its role in getting Donald Trump elected. You see, to the media, this “fake news” is simply anything that differs from their point of view. If something deviates away from the main-stream media narrative, it will be deemed “fake.”


Now, we have people calling for Facebook, and the like, to shut down pages that post news determined to be fake. So, does that mean a team of fact-checkers will have to approve every post? Probably not, but for a lot of folks that seems like a totally rational idea. After all, it’s too hard for someone to look it up on their own. We should expect an algorithm to tell us what the truth is…


Today’s Media Coverage
You know, a lot of people on the television weren’t too fond of Donald Trump heading into the election, but they quickly changed their tune following his victory… Oh wait, no, they didn’t.

Instead, pundits have continued to scratch their heads, seemingly asking themselves “how did we let this happen?” While they may not have won the cultural war, conservatives have won the White House, and there are few on camera personalities who aren’t taking it well. Even real fake-news has become unbearable. Just check out this segment from The Daily Show:

The polling topic aside for now, this is supposed to be a comedy show! All I see is a bunch of people wining about an election that didn’t go their way. Steven Colbert was even pointing fingers during one of his monologues on The Late Show:

“A lot of people think that Donald Trump won because of Facebook, partly because on Facebook, it’s okay to poke without consent. But mostly because Facebook is full of fake news stories that get shared widely without being fact-checked. Like ‘FBI agent suspected in Hillary email leaks found dead in apparent murder-suicide.’ Or ‘Bill Clinton’s sex tape leaked,’ and “Oprah tells Fox News host some white people have to die.'”


He’s joking, but the sentiment by many around the country is that Donald Trump, and those who voted for him, don’t know the difference between what is reality, and what is fake. Rather than acknowledging opposing views, the left has decided Trump voters simply don’t know the truth.

All the media has to do is say “the DNC failed to produce a candidate that its base could rally behind,” and move on. Instead, they try to find ways to blame. Blame social media, blame pollsters, blame Fox News, but certainly don’t blame the democrats for putting out such a crappy candidate.


“Do you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right?”
I’m guilty of assuming the polls and the election results would reflect one another, but this year proved that you can’t always count on the small percentage of people who take the time to answer polls.

As people scramble to determine exactly which poll is the most to blame, let’s figure out why they could have been off. My guess is, a lot of people were afraid to share who they were voting for. In popular culture, supporting Trump is equivalent to social suicide. When people would say they were voting Republican, they were immediately demonized, so perhaps fear was a factor in gathering polling data.


Another thing to consider is the matter of polling itself. Donald Trump would constantly cite snap-polls that showed him ahead following debates, but those were quickly dismissed. Instead, the media cited polling sources that gather information over the phone. The only problem is, there’s a huge percentage of people who don’t want to do polls! So, you are getting the opinions of the tiniest percentage of the population, and basing the election on it.

The fact that so many polls were totally wrong is alarming, but it isn’t the reason Hillary Clinton won’t be president. Hillary lost because she didn’t get enough votes in our strange electoral college system, and of course even that has become a target.

The Electoral College


Yes, Hillary won the popular vote, but she isn’t the first to have done so, and lose the presidency. Al Gore did it in 2000, but nothing changed. So, going into the 2016 election, the DNC knew that they needed to win the electoral college. However, rather than pour resources into key battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, the left relied on the polls which showed Clinton miles ahead (oh, those polls).

Following the election there have been outcries to go away from the electoral college, and move to a popular vote. While that is totally reasonable, the fact of the matter is that the rules for this election were already determined. The Democrats weren’t shocked when they found out the election will be determined by electoral votes. Maybe between this election and the next something will be done that moves our election to a popular vote, but chances are that will never happen.


Doubling Down On A Losing Strategy


You’ve all seen clips over the last year of talk show hosts laughing at the thought of a Donald Trump presidency, but few, if any, took the idea serious. With so many in the media agreeing that Donald Trump would be a ridiculous choice as a president, those on the left were able to dismiss the idea entirely.

You see, in the minds of today’s young, liberal American, an opposing view is simply an uninformed one. Instead of trying to see where the other side is coming from, today’s typical liberal American will assume superior intellect, and belittle their ideological counterpart.


That clearly hurt them at the voting booths. So, after losing, do you think those on the left were quick to seek understanding? Of course not! They are filling the streets in protest, and doubling down on the rhetoric that cost “her” the White House.

People are grasping at straws, saying things like “Donald Trump’s racist comments during the election should disqualify him from holding office”, but they are okay with Hillary referring to young black men as “Super-Predators.”

Those on the left are going to have to come up with a different strategy, because ridiculing those with different world-views clearly isn’t a winning strategy. So far, it looks as though they are sticking to their game plan, and hoping the rest of us will just catch on. The odds aren’t good for that happening anytime soon.

Responsibility Is Hard


We need to give those on the left a little time to come to grips with what happened. This may take weeks, months, or even years, but eventually they will realize that Hillary Clinton was the problem. How can anyone expect a candidate under FBI investigation to win the highest office in the world? Note, I’m not claiming Trump is a great option, but holy cow, people, why would anyone think Hillary is a viable choice?


Liberals are supposed to be the smart ones, but they can’t seem to figure this out. They are sort of like the West World robots (spoiler) in that they “can’t see what will help them.” Everyone knew that Hillary Clinton had a few skeletons in her closet, and yet the Democrats were convinced that she best represents what the DNC stands for (terrifying, right?).

Time will tell how this impacts the Democratic Party, but for now all they can do is run to their cry-rooms, and figure out who is at fault.


Time To Heal
If people are serious about coming together as a nation, then there isn’t any room for gloating over a political victory. Politicians create policies that impact the lives of millions. They aren’t a sports team to cheer for, but rather they represent ideas that their constituents believe in. Unfortunately, politics have become so simplified that we now see republicans and democrats as bitter rivals, and demonize whatever side we aren’t on.

Donald Trump is going to be the president in a few short weeks, and no amount of protesting, no hashtag, nothing is going to prevent that from happening. What we can do as a nation is do our best to look out for one another, and try to rebuild the bridges that were scourged during the presidential campaign.

America is at a turning point in its history where we will either come together as a nation, or we will allow ourselves to be further divided. Politicians and the media are hoping that we continue on this path of destruction, and return power to those at the top, but I have faith in the American people. I know we will come together, and show the world that no matter how ugly things get, we ultimately care for one another.