Hillary Clinton Told CNN How To Report On Benghazi, And It Gets Worse

The secret has been out for a while that Hillary Clinton has several media companies (Time Warner) giving generously to her campaign in ways that are more than monetary.

News was leaked that a top Clinton State Department aide had been communicating with a recently suspended CNN reporter on issues pertaining to Benghazi. This news came about as more of the State Department’s emails were released for the public on Tuesday, and the reporter’s name was one of the correspondents in the emails.

Elise Labott, a foreign affairs reporter for CNN, was given instructions as to how the media outlet (CNN, property of Time Warner) could shift attention away from Clinton’s aide Philippe Reines by criticizing Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and other republicans.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.25.57 PM

During these events back in 2013 the media was ruthless with Sen. Paul, claiming he was on a witch-hunt, and that it was all a set-up to take down Clinton. Now, we know it was all manufactured by Hillary Clinton herself.

In fact, Labott even corresponded with Clinton aides in regards to what she should say on social media. That’s right folks, a CNN reporter was being told what to “Tweet” about Clinton. Before posting the following message, Labott had emailed a Clinton aide about whether or not Sen. Rand Paul had been in other Benghazi hearings. Minutes after the correspondence, the following “insightful” Tweet popped up:

At the time nobody thought much of it, but looking back, it all makes sense. Even today, CNN is doing Clinton’s bidding by manufacturing poll numbers to make it seem she has an edge.

America is waking up to the lies and deceit of Hillary Clinton. For too long she assumed she could sweep this all under the rug as she walked into the White House, but now it appears she may have hit a speed bump. Of course, most liberals will fabricate something to the effect of “Republicans Hate America” – but we see through that.

Follow the money here folks. Do you think Time Warner would allow its’ network to trash its’ million dollar investment in Hillary? Not likely.