She Had A Hole In Her Favorite Shirt, How She Made It Disappear Blew Me Away

Have you ever had to put your favorite shirt out of commission due to a pesky little hole? It’s the absolute worst! But instead of tossing your favorite top, here’s a quick fix!

I must have missed the “sewing day” in home economics. And if you’re anything like me, sewing is a struggle.

But don’t panic, this little no-sew 10 minute fix will change your life!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

– Damaged shirt (hole should be in the shape of a pinhole, measuring to 5 millimeters or less)
– iron
– ironing board
– fusible bonding web
– cutaway stabilizer
– parchment paper
– spray bottle filled with water
– semi-iridescent pressed cloth.

You’re just 4-steps away from saving your favorite shirt. Here’s how: 

1. Turn Up The Heat
Turn your t-shirt inside out and place on the ironing board with the hole facing towards you. Iron the section of material on and around the hole until the area is completely wrinkle free. Once cool, use your finger to gather the fabric around the hole to make the hole disappear.

2. Set The Stage
Remove your t-shirt from the ironing board, then cover the area under the shirt with a piece of parchment paper—this will ensure that nothing sticks to the surface! Put the shirt back on the ironing board, then take a 1-inch square of fusible bonding web and set it over the damaged area, followed by a slightly larger piece of cutaway stabilizer directly over it.

3. Hole Be Gone
Turn your iron to the wool setting. This method is safe for any cotton tee—then, gently place a white, semi-iridescent pressed cloth over the web and stabilizer, and dampen the area using a spray bottle. Once moistened, take your heated iron and place it directly on top of the damaged area. There is no need to press or shift the cloth. Just place the iron on top for 10 seconds, then carefully remove so you don’t disturb the webbing.

4. Finish Up
Remove the cloth and turn the tee inside out so that the ‘right’ side is facing you. Take a look at the hole; if you notice that not all loose threads have merged, repeat the first step and gather the area together by using your fingers. Then, press the side with the iron once again.

Can you believe how easy that was? I am excited to get home and start working on my pile of shirts. Oh happy day! There is a solution to one the the most frustrating problems.

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