“I Have Nobody.” Homeless Teen’s Heartbreaking Confession Drives Football Coach To Take Action

Rodrick Jackson is a high school senior at Spokane Valley high school in Washington with quite an amazing story to tell. Right now, Jackson is a wide receiver and defensive back for the school’s football team, while making a 3.3 GPA. However, he did not always have this much success in school, or in life.

Jackson has no idea where his father is and has been estranged from his mother. Because of this and other factors, he dropped out of school and was forced to live on the streets for a large part of his sophomore year. “Hanging out with the wrong crowd, and just doing the wrong things. The hard nights out and sometimes not having a place to stay… the dangerous situations I put myself in,” Jackson said in an interview.

Jackson was on a fast track to prison or death, and he knew it. A change had to take place in his life, forcing this young man to set aside his pride and ask for help. “I was kind of at my wits end,” said Jackson. “I had to ask for help. It just took rock bottom for me to realize that there was nothing else I’d be able to do with my life.”

And so, he turned to the one man who had always treated him well, his head football coach Adam Fisher. “He (Fisher) had always been straightforward with me. I felt like there was nobody else I could ask that could help me,” but Jackson had no idea the amount of help he would soon receive.

A few weeks after he reached out to coach Adam, Jackson moved in with the Fisher family. Not only was he given a home, but Jackson also received more love and encouragement than he ever had before. Soon, Jackson was a full member of the family, even traveling with the Fisher’s to Hawaii on a family vacation! “We knew he needed to feel like he belonged and wasn’t a visitor in our home. We made it official,” said Jolene, Adam Fisher’s wife.

Since moving in with his new family, Jackson has put back on all the weight he had lost and improved his grades drastically. This can only be attributed to the care and affection he has been missing for so long. Because of this family’s selfless, loving actions, Rodrick Jackson has a real future. He has a chance to go to college and continue his football career, but even more important, he has a family that loves and cares about him in a way he has never before felt.

Hear Jackson’s heartwarming story and share the amazing effects that love and care can have.

Wasn’t that beautiful? I just couldn’t hold back the tears.

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