The Homeless Told Her “We Don’t Need Your Free Coats”, Her Reaction Is Priceless

When Veronika Scott, 24, was in college, she was challenged to design something that would actually meet a physical need in the world. What she came up with is brilliant and directly meets the needs of countless numbers of homeless in the Detroit area.

With 1 in every 42 people in the city of Detroit living homeless, and the winter season often bringing brutal cold and snow, Scott’s design for a coat that converts into sleeping bag is invaluable. But she didn’t just stop with her innovative idea. Scott tells how she was yelled at by a homeless woman for giving coats, when homeless people were really in need of jobs. So Scott founded and now functions as the CEO of The Empowerment Plan, who hires and empowers women to become more independent and bounce back after homelessness.

It is unclear where the funding for The Empowerment Plan comes from, but GAP has featured Scott in a video and the organization’s website features partnership organizations. Scott seems to be doing a great job elevating Detroit residents out of poverty and helping them start new lives.