1 Month After Moving To Washington, The Trump Family Secret Is Exposed

In a world full of famous kids like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and the Kardashians; privileged children are often almost anything but good role models. But unlike other celebrity parents, President Donald Trump has raised sensible, responsible, and respectable children.

Although Trump is widely known for his boisterous ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ style, his children quietly shine in the background — all the while portraying many of his undeniable leadership qualities. The Trump children are hard working, good looking, well-educated, and no-nonsense.

Unbeknownst to gossip TV like TMZ  or hyped-media drama, the Trump kids do nothing but boast of noble and respectable qualities that we can all admire and aspire to be. Unlike other celebrity offspring, they’re not flashy, prideful, or desperate for attention.

Whether you voted for Trump or not, his offspring make an undeniable political case for their Dad’s judgment and stability.

It’s true, Trump’s five children are undeniably his greatest asset. Though his children aren’t a “trump card” he pulls very often, their lives are living proof that he makes a wonderful leader.

1. President Trump’s Kids Are Family Oriented

In addition to sharing a close relationship with each of his children, Trump has taught them the importance of starting their own families. The three elder Trump children are all happily married.

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Pictured Above: Donald Trump Jr (37 ) and wife, Vanessa; Ivanka Trump (34) and husband, Jared Kushner; Eric Trump (31) and wife, Lara. 

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa — a former model, welcomed their fifth baby last year, giving Trump his 8th grandchild.

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Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, married the love of her life in 2009, and together they have two children and are pregnant with their third child on the way. Ivanka shared:

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a career that I am deeply passionate about, but, at the end of the day, it’s my family that is at the center of my life – and to be adding another baby to our family is a tremendous blessing. Jared and I are so thankful, and so excited!”

IVANKA-TRUMP husband and family

Last year, Eric Trump married his longtime girlfriend of five years, Lara Yunaska. Lara brings wonderful accolades to the already well-rounded family, as she is a producer for Inside Edition, as well as a former personal trainer. It’s obvious that Lara fits right in with the Trump girls, and is pure class.


2. President Trump’s Kids Are Hard Workers

Like their father, the three eldest Trump children have made quite a name for themselves — each inspiring countless Americans with their strong work ethic and brilliant endeavors. 

Donald Trump Jr. is a huge outdoorsman. He hunts deer with a bow and arrow, and attributes his staying out of trouble because of his favorite hobby. He shared:

“[While] other people I knew were getting into trouble, I was somewhere in a deer stand or going to bed early so I could be up before dawn to hunt turkeys.”

Donald Trump Jr Hunting

In 2001, a year after he graduated from college, Donald Jr. went to work for his dad for the second time (the first time was when he was 13 and earning minimum wage plus tips as a dock attendant at Trump Castle). Trump Jr. is now an executive vice president at The Trump Organization.

Ivanka is not only a well-rounded wife, mother, author and businesswoman, but she is also an avid runner, famous jewelry designer, and former runway model.

Ivanka Trump Modeling

Ivanka is an executive vice president of acquisitions and development for The Trump Organization. And a 2013 Forbes profile indicates that she politely declined a job offer from Vogue’s Anna Wintour.

Additionally, Ivanka wrote the best-selling book, The Trump Card.

3. President Trump’s Kids Are Well-Educated

Unlike many wealthy and privileged children of our day, the three elder Trump children still understand the value of education. They never took the easy way out or banked on their last name to land them a job. Instead, the Trump children worked hard to earn their education and place in this world.  

Donald Jr.

After boarding school (Pennsylvania’s prestigious Hill School), Donald Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps — as most of the Trump kids have — to The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and real estate.

Ivanka Trump Business Woman

Like her father and elder brother, Ivanka Trump graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. But she didn’t go straight from graduation to an office at Trump Tower. She worked for real estate developer Bruce Ratner for a year after college.

Eric Trump School

Unlike his brother and sister, Eric Trump chose Georgetown over Wharton and went straight to work for his father after he graduated. He has the same EVP of acquisitions and development title as his sister, but his niche is said to be in construction.

It’s also noteworthy that Trump’s fourth child, 21-year-old Tiffany, is an aspiring pop star who was raised in LA, and is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania. And Trump’s fifth child — his 9-year-old son, Barron is “a great boy, he’s working hard, he’s starting the school thing,” Donald told E! News last year.

4. President Trump’s Kids Are Genuine, Down-To-Earth, Morally-Sound Americans

Donald Trump's Patriotic Family

Eric Trump shared with People Magazine what it was like being “Donald Trump’s Son”, he said,

“He’s been protecting us from the public eye for a long time. We never made the tabloids when we were younger. He was the man that, his whole life, he’s always had thousands of cameras on him and yet we were raised as normal kids, or at least as normal as you could be raised under the circumstances.”

Though President Trump has never forced them into the limelight, it’s no secret that he’s proud of his children — and there’s no doubt he should be. Trump shared:

“I have some very smart people in my organization, and my children are very smart…

Children are tougher than you think, and they’ve grown up to be people we’re really proud of.”

While it’s true that their mothers undoubtedly also played a role in their lives, the Trump children have always been very vocal about the gratitude they feel towards their father.

The Trump Childrenn

If you’re a liberal who clicked on this article hoping to dig up some dirt on our President-Elect’s family; I am so very sorry to disappoint you. Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump– or if you voted for him, one thing can be said of him with absolute certainty: President Donald J. Trump has raised some classy children.

I wish celebrities would learn a thing or two from the our Presidential family. And America could use more “rich kids” like the responsible, down-to-earth, respectable adults that Donald J. Trump has raised. Please share if you agree.