Armed Thug Gets Taken Down By Business Owner With A Gun, THIS Is Why You Don’t Mess With Texas

When this news station tried to prove the flawed liberal theory that CHL users wouldn’t make a difference in a mass-shooting scenario, this Texan businessman proved them all wrong. This is so epic!

Recently, a Dallas WFAA news team conducted a “how would you react in a mass shooting?” scenario, to see how CHL holders would respond.

What this CHL experiment revealed left liberals at a loss for words.

Though none of the participants were armed with real guns, it’s still simply bone-chilling to watch.


In one of the scenarios, the mock mass shooting experiment took place in an office building.


The CHL holder participating in the experiment was an average Texan businessman, husband, and father named Brian Martin.


Martin was armed with a green gas pellet gun and only his prior basic CHL training.


It’s important to note that the shooter in this experiment was wearing full body armor, meaning the CHL holder would have to take a precise shot at the neck, face, or pelvis in order to be successful.

(In Image Below: Gunman on left, CHL holder, Brian Martin, on right.)


When the gunman approached Brian’s cubicle, no one expected what happened next.


With the the gunman quickly approaching, Martin made the split-second decision to grab his gun and “hunker down” below his desk.


With one precise hit, this “average CHL holder” proved to be an excellent shot.


In this scenario, the armed “gunman” didn’t stand a chance.

Watch the full epic report from WFAA below: 

This video just goes to show how licensed gun owners can change everything when it comes to mass shootings.

I hope this serves as a sobering reminder for all those who oppose our Second Amendment rights. After all, “When seconds count the police are only minutes away.” 

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