I Didn’t Know Brittle Nails And Insomnia Were Related, But This Simple Healthy Snack Helped Cure Them Both

The human body is an intricate machine with many moving parts all working at the same time. One of these important parts is the adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands are located on the kidneys and release hormones into the body. These hormones, such as adrenaline, regulate blood pressure and strengthen your immune system.

Along with these hormones, the adrenal glands affect your sleep, nails, and hair. If you begin to have problems with these glands you will notice your nails start to become brittle, as well as hair loss and insomnia!

In order to avoid any type of adrenal gland issues, you should be sure your diet supports and improves the functions of these glands. Luckily, there is a delicious recipe for a natural adrenal gland boost. With just a few ingredients to mix together, it tastes great and is made in just a few minutes!


Brazilian walnuts
Dried parsley leaves
Pure natural honey
Ground ginger


Start by blending just the Brazilian walnuts and dried parsley leaves. Once this is done, add the remaining ingredients and blend them as well.

In order to get the proper results from the mixture, be sure to take two tablespoons of this adrenal gland booster two or three times a week. Preferably it should be taken in the morning before breakfast, while still on an empty stomach.

Before long you will notice significant improvements to your body. You will sleep better through the night, waking up feeling more rested, your hair will begin to look healthy again, and your brittle nails will start to strengthen to normal form.

With all of the benefits of taking this remedy, it’s shocking that everyone does not take the extra minute out of their morning. Share this recipe for a better looking and better feeling body!