I Thought They Were Going To Stomp On The Flag, What Happened Next Blew My Mind

At a time when people so easily trivialize the American flag, a symbol hope to millions around the world, two young boys are being praised as heroes for doing something remarkable.

On Memorial Day this year these two boys were taking a stroll in their neighborhood when they stumbled upon something unusual.

The two young boys found an American flag lying on the ground, and knew they had to do something– so they picked it up to rescue it.


One of the boys, Parker explained what was going through his head at the time:
“I was kind of like, ‘Why is that in the ditch?’ It’s kind of dishonoring the veterans that served America.”

Whoever raised these boys did a good job instilling in them true American values. Their simple act of honor gives hope for the future of our beloved country. God Bless America!