If You Have Any Of These Items In Your Fridge, Take Them Out NOW

If you have any of the following items in your fridge, remove them immediately!

Studies show that many Americans make several of these common refrigerator mistakes.

Please take a moment to learn which foods should never be refrigerated.

I can’t believe I didn’t know this!


1. Potatoes 

The refrigerator cold will turn the potato’s starch into sugar, giving them an “off” flavor.


2. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes turn mushy in the fridge and the cold will stunt their natural flavor.


3. Garlic 

The cold will cause garlic’s taste to fade and make everything in your fridge smell like garlic — no bueno!


4. Bread

Contrary to popular belief, the only thing refrigerating bread will do is dry it out. If you want your bread to last longer, keep it in a bread box on your counter, or in a cupboard.


5. Onions

Due to the cold, refrigerating onions will cause all of their flavor to be zapped.


6. Honey

Honey has a long shelf life outside of the fridge, so if you’re thinking that it will make it last longer — you’re wrong. According to Diply, putting honey in the fridge will make it crystalize and it will no longer be spreadable. Don’t ruin your honey. The bees worked so hard to make it. Keep it in your cupboards.


7. Basil 

Many people make the mistake of assuming that basil will live longer in the cold. But the truth is, basil needs warmth. Cold will kill the flavor. Put your basil in water and change the water every couple of days, this will keep it happy and fresh.


8. Whole Melons 

Refrigerating a whole melon will cause it to lose it’s antioxidants. Don’t miss out on the huge health benefit that they are! Keep melons outside of your fridge until opened.


9. Apples

I know, I know; this one blew me away too! Apples are actually proven to stay crispier and more flavorful when kept outside of the fridge.

Spice pouring out of set of spice jars

10. Spices 

If you think you’re doing yourself a favor by refrigerating your spices, you’re wrong! The cold will cause them to lose their flavor, thus destroying the whole point of spices!


11. Ground Coffee 

Coffee should always be stored in an air-tight container outside of the fridge.

Baked Goods

12. Baked Goods

The cold will cause your breads to prematurely go stale. Don’t do it!

Hot Sauce Photo Shoot

13. Hot Sauce

The cold will weaken the flavor and change the viscosity, making your favorite hot sauce difficult to pour. Just don’t do it!

fruits with stones

14. Fruits With Stones (ie: Peaches, Plums, Nectarines…etc.)

Fight the urge to throw everything from the produce section in the fridge, and let these babies get some air on your countertop.


15. Oils

Other than nut oils — which should be refrigerated — oils shouldn’t be refrigerated, the cold will harden them and cause them to become cloudy.

I had no idea about many of these foods! Were you surprised by any of them? Please share to keep others from making these same common mistakes!