If You Have This Boxed Food In Your Pantry Throw It Out ASAP, The Reason Why Is Terrifying

There are few scents as wonderful as the smell of freshly popped popcorn, but could that wonderful aroma be linked to serious health problems?

During an episode of Fox & Friends, Dr. Mehmet Oz joined the show to reveal some huge concerns we should have when it comes to enjoying the salty, buttery goodness of popcorn.

Who could’ve known that odors emitted from a bag, however delicious they smell, could cause major problems to your long-term health?

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The Dangers Of Popcorn
Dr. Oz is quick to point out that the smell that first hits you in the face when you open that bag of freshly popped corn is actually a chemical called diacetyl, which is just a synthetic butter flavoring. This chemical isn’t anything new, as for years popcorn factories have had employees suffer from “popcorn lung” due to the diacetyl they breathe in the air.

Another area of concern that Dr. Oz points out is the fact that most, if not all popcorn bags are lined with a chemical known as PFOA. The Doc says that 20% of this chemical being in our body can be directly attributed to microwaveable popcorn. PFOA contributes to thyroid problems, high cholesterol, and bladder cancer, to name a few issues.

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There Is A HEALTHY Solution!
Popcorn fans, have no fear, because you can still enjoy your tasty snack without any of the dangerous chemicals. Simply buy organic popcorn kernels, and place them in a normal paper bag. Then, put your bag flat in the microwave, and start popping. You get the same delicious snack without any of the bad substances!

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