If You Just Updated Your iPhone You’re Losing Money. The Scary Truth Behind Apple’s New Hidden Feature

This young woman made a startling discovery about Apple’s latest iOS update. If you’ve recently updated your iPhone, be sure to read her warning. This could save you hundreds of dollars!

If you’ve recently updated your phone, then you’ve also inadvertently agreed to giving your cellphone provider more money. And yes, you read that correctly. Apple’s new feature works to take more of your hard-earned money and give it to your cellphone provider.

This great little feature is disguised with the misleading label of “Wifi Assist.” But one young woman by the name of Alyssa Keister is exposing Apple’s dirty tricks and showing fellow iPhone users how they too can stay above their sneaky money-stealing ways.

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Alyssa Keister revealed that this “Wifi Assist” actually does more harm than it’s promised “assisting.”

Keister shared, “It [Apple’s new feature] “assists” your wifi speed by using your data simultaneously when your wifi has a weak connection. The point of having wifi on is to obviously NOT use your data. This is just their sneaky way to over charge people! Check your phone ASAP and share this post with everyone you know so they don’t get taken advantage of either!!!!”


Here’s how to disable this horrendous money-stealing feature: 

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Cellular


3. Turn OFF “Wifi Assist”


Did you find this sneaky little feature in your phone? Please share this money-saving trick with every iPhone user your know!