If You Or Someone You Know Has An Epipen, Check Now, It Could Mean Saving Their Life

Millions of Americans rely on Epipens for various types of allergic reactions. As alarming as an allergic reaction is, something even more so is taking its place, Epipen recalls!

Eating a peanut or a cashew, or being stung by a bee or wasp is enough to send millions of people worldwide into anaphylactic shock. If this occurs they rely on Epipens that send a dose of the hormone epinephrine into their bodies instantly canceling out the allergic reaction. A malfunctioning epipen could be deadly.

The pens have been recalled because a defect was discovered that would prevent the pens from deploying the medicine! The United States is now the 8th country to be on the recall list!

Mylan, the pen manufacturer, also recalled epipen junior for children. They came under fire last year for hiking prices simply because they could, which added a whole other layer to healthcare provider frustration.

This resulted in a generic version of the pen to introduced to the market, but these generic pens are NOT included in the recall.

If you or someone you love has to keep an epipen with them, please share this story with them!