If You See Blue Ribbons In The Trees STOP And Look Up, Here’s What They Mean

When I saw how this community responded to the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, my hope for the future of America was restored.

In the last two weeks, eight police officers have lost their lives after being targeted and assassinated by Black Lives Matter radicals.

Despite all the sadness surrounding our nation in this dark time, one community in Leawood, Kansas decided to show their support for police in the most heartwarming way.

Members of the Leawood South Town Homes Association decided to show support for local law enforcement agencies by wrapping blue ribbons around trees outside 99 homes in the neighborhood.

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Although the decoration is simple, its message is profound.

“We hope it sends the message everywhere that we are in support of our police and law enforcement agencies,” said resident Tom Cavaliere.

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Cavaliere started the project three weeks ago, but the most recent acts of violence against police motivated him to spread the message behind the blue ribbons even more.

“There’s a place for peaceful demonstration, but to carry it to the extent of what happened in Baton Rouge and Dallas cannot be tolerated,” Cavaliere said. “That’s not who we are.”

Some residents are concerned for Cavaliere’s safety due to his courageous stance on the recent tragedies, but he refuses to be bound by fear. Most importantly, his courageous act of support for police has received strong support and offers from neighbors to help.

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“Anything all of us can do to show our love and support is a very positive move in the right direction,” said resident Julie Langton.

Instead of running into resistance, Cavaliere is receiving several thumbs-up from people passing through the neighborhood. The Leawood City Council even passed along a message of appreciation from city leaders and police.

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God bless Tom Cavaliere and the community of Leawood, Kansas! Please share this article to show America how to give our police officers the respect they DESERVE.

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” – Romans 12:10