If You Use This Kind Of Dog Leash, It Could Be An Emergency Waiting To Happen, Throw It Out Immediately!

For many pet owners, a retractable leash seems like a good idea. They allow pets to roam free for quite some distance, and are extremely compact.

However, it turns out they may be more dangerous than we ever thought, and these pictures prove it.

While these kinds of leashes allow our furry friends to walk with a bit more freedom, pet trainers warn that there are some serious problems with them, and people may be putting themselves in danger.

Out Of Control
Sure, retractable leashes allow for your pet to have a bit more freedom, but that only makes it more difficult to reel them back in.

Imagine you are walking along the sidewalk, and your dog sees a ball in the middle of the street. If you aren’t paying attention, that little critter is going to take off for that ball. If you’re using a retractable leash, you may not even feel your little fur ball run off. It’s a scary thought, but that sort of thing isn’t even possible using a fixed leash.

Big Dogs= Big Problem
Retractable leashes may be okay for little pets, but they can be downright dangerous when being pulled by a big pup. In fact, the cords have been known to snap, and cause serious damage to the person holding the leash.

Back in 2008 a 13-year old girl had the cord of her dog’s leash snap. Almost instantly the leash whipped back, and hit the girl in the face, leaving her partially blind. This type of thing would never happen on a typical leash.

Bad Manners
People training their dog(s) should avoid using retractable leashes altogether. Because these leashes always have tension, puppies, and untrained dogs will feel as though they can continue to pull (as opposed to heeling when told to do so).

Untrained dogs will not know when to stop pulling on the leash, and may end up harming themselves by getting tangled up, which is a completely different issue altogether.

Tangled Up
The cords of retractable leashes are incredibly easy to get tangled up in, but there are some serious health concerns people should be aware of.

Sure, getting caught up in some wires may be inconvenient, but if people aren’t careful, these cords can be a serious hazard. People have reported cuts, burns, and even amputations due to these types of leashes.

Keep Away From Children!
Young children should not be using retractable leashes to walk dogs for many reasons. Aside from potentially being cut, young kids could be yanked to the ground when the leash reaches the end.

As a child I remember walking my golden retriever with a retractable leash. One day while walking, my younger brother sprinted ahead of us. When the dog saw my brother, she immediately took off. Being a young man of only seven years, I did not have the strength to prevent my puppy from hurtling me into the air. Once the leash reached the end, I began to feel the sensation of flying (followed by falling, hard). After hitting my head, I was rushed to the hospital where doctors said I had a concussion.

Having not learned my lesson, I did the same thing with a different dog a few weeks later. These incidents could’ve been avoided had I used a typical leash (and if I wasn’t seven).

Pet owners may not even know they are putting their pets and themselves in harms way, but that’s the case when retractable leashes are used. They may seem more convenient, but as the gruesome pictures above prove, sometimes convenience isn’t worth it.