In A Move Very Few Saw Coming, Dallas Police Chief David Brown Stuns The City When He Said This About Stepping Down

Two months ago the City of Dallas was rocked, as a crazed gunman unloaded into a crowd of protestors, and ultimately killed five police officers.

While the nation looked on in horror, the city’s police chief, David Brown, did everything he could to keep order and peace in his city.

Now, news has just surfaced that Chief Brown will be stepping down effective October 22 in a move that very few saw coming.

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Letter From Chief Brown
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Before we speculate as to what may be next for Dallas’ police chief, let’s take the time to properly thank a man who showed so much poise and strength in a time where it was most needed.

As the nation watched Dallas in the days that followed the night of July 8, Chief Brown was calling on people to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. He challenged those in his city to step up, and serve the community, as opposed to working to divide it more.

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The weeks that followed that fateful night have been nothing short of a whirlwind for the head of the Dallas PD. Every day for a while, it seemed as though Chief Brown was working part-time as a pundit – constantly making TV appearances, and giving insight into the situation in Dallas. Chief Brown worked tirelessly to make sure the rest of the country knew Dallas was not just fine, but that the city was coming together in a way the rest of the nation hadn’t seen.

Chief Brown’s time may be coming to an end, but part of me thinks he has his sights on something bigger. The way he was able to rally the community following the tragedy on July 8th is an example of why this man belongs in public service, but perhaps on a bigger scale.

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Whatever his intentions may be following his resignation, Chief David Brown’s service to Dallas has been nothing short of exemplary. Hopefully this will open up more doors for him to serve his city in an even greater way!

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Thank you for everything you’ve done, Chief Brown!