Indiana Woman Shocked By What Mechanic Did To Car

An Indiana woman’s incredible interaction with a local mechanic has gone viral.

Ruth Vine shared the story of the incident a post on her Facebook page. She explained that she went to Meineke in Indianapolis, Indiana, to have her car fixed after being informed that it was urgently in need of repairs. Vine had only had the car for a couple of weeks, following a wreck in which her previous car was totaled.

“When I bought the car it seemed solid in the test drive, but when I took it for an oil change, the manager showed me some things wrong with it that needed to be fixed basically immediately,” Vine explained. “Not having the money to handle it all, Mike Hawkins, the manager, and I came up with a game plan and I promised to be back when I had enough for the brakes (the most urgent repair needing done). Mike had always done right by me with my previous car and any time there was a concern about a repair, he took the time to walk me around the car and show me exactly what was going on in plain English and with patience.”

Vine said that she had budgeted just enough money for the brakes to be repaired, so she brought her car in to have the repair done.

“As I was reading a book and waiting for Mike to give me an update on my car, a guy came into the shop and struck up a conversation,” she wrote. “We talked for a few minutes before Mike took him out to the garage. I saw them standing under my car, talking (at this point I’m curious why Mike is showing this random man my car).”

She continued: “They come back in and it seems it’s the owner I’ve been talking with. They tell me they’ve found other issues with the brake line. ‘Well over $1,000’ for the whole job.”

Vine was shocked when she heard how much the repair would cost her, but then something incredible happened — Mike and the owner of the franchise, Scott Martin, informed her that one of their mechanics would be donating their time to complete the repair. Vine was only required to pay what she originally budgeted for the brakes.

“By this time tears are streaming down my face,” she wrote. 

Martin explained to Vine that he wasn’t exactly a “car guy,” but that he was more interested in being an honorable salesman. His goal was to be honest with people and treat his customers with respect.

What happened next left Vine completely stunned and confirmed that Martin truly meant what he said.

“I had settled on giving up my grocery money to put toward the car repair and that came out in conversation,” Vine wrote. “As Scott was preparing to leave to go run errands or spend his Saturday with his family, he walked outside and back in, handed me a folded up envelope and told me it was for after I left the shop. He shook my hand, promised — again — they would take care of me, and left. Written on the envelope was ‘Ruth’s groceries’ and it took several controlled breaths to not burst into tears. This man, who is taking a hit — a substantial one in my eyes — to make sure my car is repaired and safe to drive, also paid for my groceries.”

Vine praised both Mike and Martin for going “considerably above and beyond any expectations of decency and human courtesy” with their generosity.

Readers shared their thoughts on the Mad World News Facebook page.

“Wonderful,” one reader commented. “I’m so happy they helped her and didn’t take advantage of her because she’s a female which was my experience with the Mieneke shop where I live.”

“Thank you for this story,” another user wrote. “It shows there are good people and angels left in this world!!”

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