Infant Dies Shortly After Church Service, Now This Grieving Mom Is Warning Every Parent

At the birth of a child everything changes. Your outlook on life, your priorities– everything! Unfortunately for one new mom, her baby boy lost his life all because of miscommunication.

Every parent’s worst nightmare’s having their precious angel leave this earth too soon. It’s an unimaginable event that most choose to never think about. However, for Mandie Hendershot, she was faced with this horrendous situation.

Mandie’s an ER night nurse and was in desperate need of some sleep one Sunday afternoon. That may seem like a simple task, but not when she was caring for an 11-month-old, Jaxon Taylor. Mandie’s parents saved the day and took little Jaxon off her hands.

Mandie’s parents, Meta and Kyle Hendershot decided to take Jaxon to church with them to allow his mother to get some rest. The grandparents were proud to take their grandson– they loved him dearly.

However trouble came when they arrived back home after church. Meta and Kyle were unloading a few things from the car and went inside and forget to grab Jaxon.

Two hours passed before Mandie awoke, and heard that her parents had left Jaxon in the car outside. He had already passed away, but Mandie knew what to do. She tried CPR and called the paramedics. But nothing worked. Jaxon was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead upon his arrival.

An investigation opened to understand how this happened to sweet baby Jaxon. The grandparents were devastated to say the least.

Here’s what happened: Meta went around the Jaxon’s door and opened it to grab some things out of the back seat. She left the door open and walked inside the house to put some things down. As she was putting the items down she heard the car door close.

She assumed her husband, Kyle had grabbed the infant and taken him to his room to lay him down. Unfortunately, Kyle thought Meta had done the same.

Sheriff Wilson stated, “There was a lack of communication within the three adults. They assumed that one of the others had brought in the child and laid him down. They didn’t communicate who would get the child.”

Jaxon died from hyperthermia. Being in a warm car for any period is dangerous. And it has been found that “temperature in a closed vehicle can reach as high as 131 to 172 degrees in as little as 15 minutes.”

Although the ‘obvious’ blame to most points to the grandparents, that is not how Mandie responded the her loss. The new mother is crushed by Jaxon’s death and is struggling through the grieving process, her faith stands firm.

Mandie has continued posting pictures of her son in remembrance on social media and her outpouring of love and forgiveness is astounding.

Mandie posted this picture on Facebook and her caption stunned everyone!

“My mother holding her grandson: It is very widespread news at this point that my son died on Saturday, September 5th at 11 months and 8 days old. There have been many news reports, and various stories. I was not there, and he was in the care of his grandparents, my parents. His death was a horrific, tragic event and has devastated many. My son had the best two grandparents any baby ever had in his short time here. These are grandparents that were there through my long, 23 hour labor. These are the grandparents that took him some weekend nights and walked for hours when he had colic and was inconsolable. These are the grandparents that watched him roll over, sit up, crawl and pull himself up for the first time. These people held and loved him when he was sick, feverish or fussy. These are the people that could make him smile and laugh when no one else could. They were there for him every day of his life, and my son loved them unconditionally the same way they did. What happened was terrible, there is no argument for that. But who of us hasn’t made a mistake, such a horrible mistake that we thought nobody else could forgive it? Who hasn’t had others judge them, and spit on them and spew hatred? Since every one of us has done terrible things and caused immense pain to others, who but God can condemn? I am in more pain than any human has ever experienced, but I chose to let go of hatred and blame. I remember my sweet boy with love and grief, and I will always love him.”

Mandie represents Christ so well in the midst of her immense pain and suffering. She hits the nail on the head and completely shuts down everyone who has an opinion about her situation. It’s no one’s burden to bare, but Christ’s and thats exactly what Mandie ‘s doing– giving it to God.

Thank you Mandie for standing firm in your faith and trusting the Lord to bare your burden in the midst of hard times. Please share this precious family’s heartbreaking story– by doing so you may save a life!