ISIS Just Recruited The Chinese, How They Did It Sent Chills Down My Spine

Chinese citizens have now joined the Islamic State. Radicals from XinJiang have joined the terror group to undergo training in Iraq, Syria, and other places within Asia. Global Times Newspaper, which is a communist-ran media venue, reported it earlier this week. Xinjiang is a region in China that is home to the ‘Uyghurs’. They are largely populated by muslims who’s freedoms have been restricted to an extreme degree in an adequate response to a string of deadly attacks.

Chinese Isis

By announcing that citizens of China have joined ISIS, the country is expressing fears that the violent Middle East threat are ever present and imminent.

China has not offered any assistance to America against ISIS and it’s reaction the chaos in Syria & Iraq was to only withdraw it’s citizens. Chinese replied with a statement that was quite obvious and routine. They said that they do not interfere with the affairs of other nations. China, after that, may now face pressure to get more involved in these efforts against ISIS.

How this all plays out is the scary part. The existence of ties between Chinese militants and extremists have taken control of parts of Syria & Iraq. This adds a completely new complexity on how Western nations respond to China’s domestic anti-terrorism policies.

Reports quoted an unnamed ‘anti-terrosim’ worker who said the Xinjiang military joining ISIS “not only want to get training in terrorist techniques, but also to expand their connections to international terrorist organization through actual combat to gain support for escalation of terrorist activities in China.”

This only proves that ISIS’s claims have been true. They claim to be everywhere, and their recruitment has been working. We can’t put a finger on WHY exactly, but it’s scary to think that these crazy terrorists are actually succeeding in growing. We aren’t HUGE fans of China and all they stand for, but we know that they have a strict policy against these types of situations. To see that ISIS has managed to cross their borders, and simply recruit without being so covert, begs me to ask what exactly are they doing in my own country.

That’s a question I hate to ask, but I need it to be answered. The American people do not deserve to be put in the dark about this. The airstrikes earlier this week simply killed 70, when ISIS have claimed they have hundreds in every region.

It’s a train of thought most people do not want to follow, but it’s a question that needs to be answered.