Israel/ISIS Stop Fighting When When The Weather Takes A Strange Turn

For those of you with friends who are non-believers, you might want to show them this video, as meteorologists can’t even explain the phenomenon.

On Thursday Israel News Online reported a giant storm had formed on the border of Syria, in an area where ISIS had previously attacked Israeli forces.

Video was taken of the storm, and it appears as if the clouds have formed a wall between ISIS fighters, and Israeli soldiers, but no explanation has been given. Could this be the work of the Lord?


With no explanation for the storm, people were left to draw their own conclusions, and many were crediting God for providing this moment of peace.


One person went so far as to suggest this was a direct response for ISIS attacking Israel:


Take a look at the video for yourself, and you can draw your own conclusion. One thing is for certain, God does have a history of watching over Israel, so it may not be far fetched to think this was divine intervention:

Whatever the reason for the storm, those on the front lines could be thankful for a few moments of peace. The calm of the storm must have been nice for a region completely ravaged by war. God, continue to protect your children!