Ivanka Trump Just Revealed Her New D.C. Home, And It Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Many assumed Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner would be moving their family to Washington D.C. to be close to the president-elect, but nothing had been confirmed.

Now, the Washingtonian reports that the Trump’s have finally selected a home, and it is absolutely incredible.

The home sold for $5.5 million in mid-December, but it isn’t clear if the family purchased the home, or if they will be renting from the actual owner.


The house is located in the Kalorama neighborhood, and is extremely close to the Islamic Center of Washington, the Embassy of Oman, and the Embassy of Turkey, so the area will definitely be secure.



Although the house looks older on the outside, it definitely has more of a modern feel.


Coincidentally, the family’s home is just a few blocks away from a house that the Obamas will be renting out for the next few years.


The six-bedroom home is near the White House, which is perfect for Ivanka and her husband, who are serving in the Trump administration.