Judge Loses It In Court Room And Whole Room Bursts Into Laughter, The Reason Why Left Me SPEECHLESS

Frank Caprio is the television judge from ABC’s “Caught in Providence”, and one of his most recent clips is quickly going viral.

In Providence, Rhode Island, Judge Caprio was proceeding over a number of traffic tickets when he almost lost his composure. After reading that this woman had received a parking ticket just two seconds before the street allowed free public parking, the judge could not help but laugh.

The ticket was issued at 9:59:58am. The street opened at 10:00am. This seemed ridiculous to Judge Caprio– as it would to anyone. He asked the woman what she had to say about the heinous crime. “My car clock said 10,” she replied, trying to muffle her laughs.

“Now you’re blaming the car clock!” Judge Caprio teased. So, after making a few pokes at the “second-to-none” parking enforcement and jokingly suggesting prison, the judge came to his ruling. “I think 9:59 is close enough to 10,” he said over a few chuckles. “Matters dismissed.”

Watch this lighthearted judge give his perfect reaction. You can’t help but love his empathy!

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