Just Before The Election Results, Michael Moore Makes A Shocking Confession About Donald Trump

Something interesting has been taking place the past couple of days, Michael Moore is finally making some sense. The documentarian filmmaker who is infamously liberal and has no qualms taking on the conservative politicians in our country has just released two videos outlining why Trump will win this election.

In a handful of minutes Moore told a packed out theater exactly why Trump is going to become the next President. And now in a disturbingly honest video he’s come out supporting the work of Julian Assange. Assange has been locked away in London in the Ecuadorian Embassy for the last 4 years for doing what journalists used to do routinely.

The only difference is a new batch of journalists have cropped up that value viral stories and native advertising, and reporting the actual truth is seen as a first class ticket to standing in the unemployment line. Nevertheless, Moore pleads with the viewer to support Assange and his fight for justice.

After visiting with Assange for a couple of hours Moore says that this situation is “absolute madness.”

“…that this individual who is responsible for informing us, the American people, of the lies our government told us. Things we never would have known, that Wikileaks put the truth out there…It’s just wrong. Shameful. We’re Americans, we don’t believe in the captivity of anyone without charges or trial…The man hasn’t been charged with anything, he can’t come out of here because the U.K., or if he goes back to Sweden they’re going to deport him to the U.S.”

As the election gets closer and closer, Wikileaks is unleashing more and more damning emails regarding Clinton and her abuses of power.

Let Julian Assange go free. His only crime was to tell us the truth.