Just When Hillary Thought She Got Away, The FBI Shatters The Clinton’s Peace

Trump is officially in office. Now what about some those campaign promises? Like putting the Clintons away, for good.

This seemed like a lost endeavor as the FBI cleared Mrs. Clinton two times on the charges having to deal with her email. To the general public this is the only thing close to a crime she’s committed. In reality she stands accused of many more horrible things, like selling the influence of the Clinton Foundation to the highest bidder.

The FBI has quietly released new emails from Hillary’s servers that weren’t released or even known to have existed to the public previously. And they found some pretty interesting things. Apparently the “hostile foreign actors” gained access to her emails. Judge Napolitano explains it all here,

Napolitano says that all the emails released,

“…contained confidential or secret material, material that the United States government wants to keep secret. Material that Mrs. Clinton swore to keep a secret.”

These hackers were Russian, Chinese, and Israeli, intelligence agencies.

The FBI also stated,

“that hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals associated with whom Clinton was in regular contact and, in doing so, obtained emails sent to or received by Clinton on her personal account.”

Will this finally be what’s needed to put Hillary away for good?