Kim Kardashian Has A Shocking Secret, But It’s Not What You Think!

Celebrities move in this strange world where everyone wants to see them. They’re able to go to restricted places that us normal folks might not ever be given entrance too, so it makes sense that some of them have been accused of being spies in the past, and even currently.

We’ve had the Red Scare and McCarthyism. Two years after winning World War II, Senator Joseph McCarthy very accurately outed a multitude of Hollywood producers, directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses who were thought to have been Communist sympathizers. For decades it was believed that Sen. McCarthy was just hyper-paranoid, but he has now been largely vindicated by history. In what’s known as the Venona Project, The FBI revealed wiretaps proving that Sen. McCarthy’s accusations were correct.

Today we’ve seen the same things occurring. Did you know that George Clooney admitted he’s a spy? He’s admitted that he takes the money from the espresso machines he sells to fund spy satellites that find African warlords.

The most interesting blip on the celeb-spy radar is Kim Kardashian, and the shocking confirmation from a congressman. Recently Kim and Kanye took a trip to Cuba. Obviously red flags go up immediately, because everyone knows the sordid history we’ve had with the Russian-backed Caribbean island nation. The thing with spying is that there is always better information gathered in person; the human element can never be eliminated.

This video specifically deals with her distracting effects on the Iranian government who has accused her of “tradecraft.” Congressman Peter King (R-NY) was stopped on the street by a TMZ crew and questioned about this, in which he admitted, “She’s definitely an asset, I can’t go beyond whether she’s an intelligence asset…”

Actually, he says a lot more by saying,

“She’s our version of Mata Hari…”

Who was Mata Hari?


She was a Dutch born woman who became an exotic dancer and French courtesan. She was eventually found out to be a spy and executed by the French government in 1917.

Congressman King finished by saying,

“This really goes to the highest levels and I can’t go any further than that…”

Although King maintains a tongue-in-cheek demeanor in the close of this short interview, is he really conveying the truth by making light of it? Is Kim Kardashian really a spy or do the Iranians really watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that much?