The Liberal Media Is Lying About Trump’s Travel Ban, Here’s The Proof

Many in the media are quick to point fingers when people use “alternative facts,” but when they get caught with their pants down, who is held accountable?

Not only are “news” organizations constantly bashing the president, they are doing so without even looking into the facts!

Many “news” outlets reported on veteran Mike Hager, who told the world Trump “destroyed our family.” He went on to explain that his mother had died in Iraq after being denied entry into the U.S. following Trump’s executive order. The only problem with his story is that, according to Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, Hager’s mother had died the week prior.

Losing a family member is an extremely painful experience, and I’m sure that emotional distress could explain Hager’s decision to blame Trump, but why were media outlets so quick to run with the story? Do reporters not know how to read an obituary?

I’m not here to attack a veteran for his words, but rather the so-called “news” organizations who decided to report without verifying. These same organizations proclaim that the president relies on “alternative facts”, meanwhile they report completely bogus stories.

Folks, these are bizarre times where the media can report on anything as fact without having to validate it, and still demand to be taken serious. Every time the president calls CNN “fake news” the entire network gets its metaphorical undies in a wad, but continues to push untrue stories.

Oh well, this is the new reality we live in. Publications no longer exist to inform you, but rather guide you and your emotions. The main-stream media wants you to conform to a set of ideologies they agree with, and will bully anyone who stands in their way. Fortunately, people are catching on to the games being played by cable news companies.

This is why we must remain diligent, and consume as many sources of information as we can. A lot of media outlets are trying to push an agenda, and many Americans think they are merely consuming the “news”, but much more is going on. Unfortunately, expect things to get worse before they get better, as the left has no control, and doesn’t have any idea what to do about it.